Order of Services
Sunday School
10:15 AM
Morning Worship
11:00 AM
Sunday Afternoon
3:00 PM
Choir Rehearsal
6:30 PM
Every Other Tuesday
Bible College No. 9338
7:00 - 8:10 PM
Faithlight Hour of Power
7:00 - 8:00 PM
Fellowship Sundays
3:30 and/or 4:00 PM
Description of Services
Sunday School: Classes for adults and youths  are taught by  Rev. Judy Wells, Rev. Sonya Thompkins, Rev. Jonathan W. Blake, Rev. Tina
Thompkins and Rev. Donna Finley. The official book of the Sunday School is printed by the Union Gospel Press.

Morning Worship: Sunday worship service begins promptly at 11 a.m. with devotion being led by Bro. David Sims. The order of service for Sunday
begins with the Processional by the Choir, Call to Worship, Lord's Prayer Chant, Hymn of the Month, Musical Selection, Altar Call, Musical Selection,
$1 Benevolent Offering, Musical Selection, God's Preached Word by a member of the Clergy Staff; Invitation to Discipleship, Offertory Period (Tithes &
Offerings), Announcements, Visitor Recognition and Closing Hymn.

Choir Rehearsal: The Voices of Love Center Choir rehearse every other Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Under the capable direction of Elder Jonathan S. Pressley.
Membership is opened to those having a desire to sing; you do not have to be a member of the church to sing in the choir.  Two CDs are available for your
listening pleasure:
Pouring Rain and "Music for the Church."

Youth Choir: The Youth Choir rehearse on the Thursday leading up to the third Sunday of each month. The Youth Choir sing on the third Sunday of each
month. The Youth counselors are: Sis. Gayle
Powell,  Sis. Tamara Fluellen, Sis. Regina Bryant, Rev. Jonathan W. Blake serves as the Youth Minister.
Musicians are Elder Paul
Carrington and Elder Jonathan S. Pressley.

Faithlight Ministry: The Faithlight Ministry sponsor the Prayer Meeting/Hour of Power on Friday of each week from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. The
Faithlight Ministry is the Prayer Group of the church. Messages as well as spiritual lectures and healing are conducted by the Pastor, Elder Paul
Carrington. Attendees are asked to give a donation of $3 each Friday. Candles for religious purposes may be obtained at this service for a donation of $7.

Baptism is administered quarterly and in conjunction with the Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church, Rev. Willie J. McCreary. The pool is ultra- modernly
heated for all candidates receiving this sacrament.

Communion: The Sacrament of Communion is administered on the second Sunday of each month during the morning worship service. Communion is
served by the Clergy Staff of the church.
Sick Visitation - All members of the Clergy Staff are entrusted with visiting the sick as often as needed. In
addition the church has a monthly bulletin listing the names of those standing in need of prayer.

Love Center Bible Institute No. 9338 is a chartered Bible College under the guidelines of the International Bible Institute, Santa Fe Springs, California.
Students earn a Bible Diploma after three (3) years of extensive study in various book of the Bible. Certificates are awarded after the completion of each
study. Elder Paul
Carrington serves as Dean, along with Elder Jonathan S. Pressley, Principal. The College meet on Wednesday of each week from
7:00-8:10 p.m. Registrar
Sis. Martrice Jackson with Bro. Taller Williams serving as Alumni President.

Fellowships: Love Center Interdenominational Church fellowship with the following churches: Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church, 9417 Orleans Avenue,
Rev. Willie J.
McCreary,  pastor;  Faith Baptist Church, Rev. Martha Forrest; Glenville Church of God, 744 East 105th Street, Rev. Charlie Goodman,
pastor; Pastor Bruce
Jacobsen, Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren, 4152 Mt. Pleasant Road, North Canton, OH; Rev. Johnny Evans, Second Zion
Spiritual Church, 12709 Union Avenue; Universal Liberty in Christ Spiritual Kingdom, 7000 East Canfield Street, Detroit, MI, Rev. Naomi
Gatlin, pastor.
Bootsy and Dad, Stone Mountain Park
Dad relaxing at Stone Mountain Park
Pastor's Sister - Betty J. Perkins
Sis. Murchinson, Elder Pressley & Inez Andrews
Douglas Miller and Inez Andrews
Rev. Lawrence Roberts & Deacon Charles Robinson
First Lady Emeritus Delores "Bootsy" Roberts
Elder Paul Carrington in Benediction Vestments
Cheryl Griffin, Elder Paul Carrington and his sister, Betty J. Perkins
Evangelist Lorainne Stancil & Elder Jonathan S. Pressley
Elder Paul Carrington and Inez Andrews